Professional Team

Our team members have an average of 10 years of experience in developing software. That's why we are the best company in software development in Albania.

Latest techlology

We are usign the best platforms availeble in the market for the moment. Our technology is based on the latest platforms developed by the leading companies like Microsoft, SUN, Borland.

Certified Products

Certified products meet widely accepted environmental standards and ensure the product you buy comes from eligible resources and meets product-marketing standards.
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Welcome to Infosoft SD

InfoSoft Software Developer (ISD) has been created in 1991 and it is the first private programming company in Albania. The first application consisted in computing archives and Tax-office. Today the basic activity of the company is the financial oriented software on business management, accounting, economic process for business application, government, public or private companies, national institution, etc.

Financa 5

It is the most successful accounting software in Albania. There are more then four thousand companies using this modular package for their activity. It is used in Government units (the Presidency of Albania, The Parliament of Albania, etc) in public or private companies, and many and many other institutes. The Case, Bank, Purchase, Sales, Where houses, Fix Assets, Payroll, Personnel, Marketing, Product, Analytics Accounting, Budget etc. are the important modules of Financa 5. This program retains all the qualities of Financa 4.0nt and make Financa 5.0 richer in many other conceptual and functional elements in a correspondence with all the requests of Albanian Legislation .This packet is flexible, easy for implementation in all the administration or business companies. Actually is the most successful program in Albania.

Company news

Payroll 3.0 01.02.12 - Payroll 3.0 ndihmon per manaxhimin ne menyre sa me efektive te eficences te punes, kontrollon koston...

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