Financa 5

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It is the most successful accounting software in Albania. There are more then four thousand companies using this modular package for their activity. It is used in Government units (the Presidency of Albania, The Parliament of Albania, etc) in public or private companies, and many and many other institutes. The Case, Bank, Purchase, Sales, Where houses, Fix Assets, Payroll, Personnel, Marketing, Product, Analytics Accounting, Budget etc. are the important modules of Financa 5. This program retains all the qualities of Financa 4.0nt and make Financa 5.0 richer in many other conceptual and functional elements in a correspondence with all the requests of Albanian Legislation .This packet is flexible, easy for implementation in all the administration or business companies. Actually is the most successful program in Albania.

Finance 5.0 Demo Version

The aim of Finance 5.0 Demo Version is not only to show the power of the software but also to take its place on the top of the list of financial software and make the maintenance of accounting possible. Despite of the software being a demo version you can start testing practicing or even work with documents keeping in mind that, because of reasons not needed to be mentioned, the software will not have full functionality.
puceFinance 5.0 Standard Version

Finance 5.0 Standard Version contains the basic full functionalities needed to manage accounting, business, etc. The packet is served fully with basic documents, warehouses, diaries and many configurable reports.

Finance 5.0 Complete Version

Finance 5.0 Complete Version performs all the functions contained in the Standard Version adding many more qualities to the software. This version allows network usage and data access. It is very effective in accounting administration, flexible and configurable according to many specific business types, offers a full packet of marketing tasks management, customs, books, costs concerns, production, financial administration, etc.

Software Specifications:

In contrast with its previous versions Finance 5.0 is built on a Windows 32bit platform and executed in Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and future alike systems.

The main software characteristic is its modular structure. In summary the modular concept is put together in one software to perform specific module functions as one.

The module word is not only used to name a series of operations but it mostly expresses many work concepts concerning access rights, regulatory tools, marketing elements and sales in the software.

Different types of access for different modules, gives practical usability to the software in case that the software utilization is performed using user access rights. Not only per modular access rights but in-module (more detailed) action rights are available.
This specification allows specific data to be accessed, using different rights, by different types of users in a need to know basis allowing distinct software administrators to specify their own work politics.

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